Logistics strategy


Supply Chain Specialists working with you to achieve
'an exceptional customer service experience, cost effectively...'

The logistics and supply chain strategy provides business guidance
to the Board for their decision making. Besides having to be sector relevant, it is important to develop the means to monitor strategy implementation and identify corrective action to the logistics processes involved in delivering customer service.

Working with you we can help by:

Strategy Implementation Identifying customer service trends, assessing existing business performance and generating appropriate strategy options. We will identify relevant logistics 'trade-offs' and undertake the appropriate analysis.
Logistics Specialists Tailoring performance measurement approaches, including the Balanced Scorecard, which aims to link strategy with day-to-day business decision-making.
Business Processes Working with your team to define your exact business and customer service requirements, we will help design your logistics and supply chain strategy, and rapidly develop practical implementation plans, providing you with specialists when you need them.